Carefully selecting exquisite materials, Jürgen Lehl works out his designs from his Tokyo studio, and collaborates with artisans in many countries, as well as in areas across Japan, to complete his designs.


For this exhibition, Jürgen has selected some new and old spoons, elaborately carved and simple, big and small, carved from wood, coconut, horn, shell and bamboo, made of iron, brass and gourd, hammered from silver, copper, bronze and stainless steel, salt spoons, tea spoons, ceremonial spoons, tea ceremony spoons, serving spoons, ladles, and jewelry made.

Many of the collections were designed and made especially for this show, while others were found in Vietnam, China, Japan, Indonesia, Timor, the Philippines, Korea, India, Africa and Europe.


Jürgen Lehl also produces men’s and women’s clothing and footwear, bags and accessories using natural fibers and dying techniques.

Jürgen creates goods that make every day life more comfortable, such as hand-woven and dyed sheets, tenugui cotton towels, hand-carved chairs and tables, earthenware and glass tableware, in addition to all-natural soaps and teas. All designs are available for purchase online.

Source and image credit: Jürgen Lehl 1002 Spoons


Nov. 20th (Thu) – Dec. 7th (Mon) Jürgen Lehl Shizuoka
Nov. 27th (Thu) – Dec. 1st (Mon) Babaghuri shop
Dec. 6th (Sat) – Dec. 14th (Mon) Jürgen Lehl Hakata
Dec.13th (Sat) – Dec. 21st (Mon) Jürgen Lehl Daimaru Kobe
Dec. 19th (Fri) – Dec 25th (Thu) Jürgen Lehl Obihiro
Dec. 19th (Fri) – Dec. 25th (Thu) Jürgen Lehl Sapporo

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