An interview with Italian fashion illustrator Giulio Iurissevich

July 31st, 2012 by shearyadi

It’s been a long while now since my last interview post here, and couple days ago I have received an email from someone who has very interesting work and highly talented.

An interview with Italian fashion illustrator Giulio Iurissevich

Everyone, please meet Italian fashion illustrator Giulio Iurissevich. Since …

The Martians have set up their very own embassy in inner city of Sydney

July 29th, 2012 by shearyadi

The new embassy was designed by LAVA, with partners Will O’Rourke and The Glue Society, as a fusion of a whale, a rocket and a time tunnel, an immersive space of oscillating plywood ribs brought to life by red planet …

Six historic Lotus Formula 1 cars incorporated in a sculpture

July 28th, 2012 by shearyadi

Presented by Gerry Judah, the sculpture was the centrepiece in Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012, one of Britain’s largest car culture event.

Gerry Judah’s installation

The 28-metre tall sculpture was the 16th created by Gerry Judah for the Festival of Speed, an annual …

Angelo Cappellini creates a new brand: Opera Contemporary

July 3rd, 2012 by shearyadi

Angelo Cappellini has been an expert interpreter of essential and timeless classic furniture, since 1886. It has leveraged its extensive experience to create Opera Contemporary in 2010, the new brand with more contemporary inclinations that will complement and complete the …