Born in April 1971, my childhood was not as good as any other child. My father was very poor at that time, and lost my Mom when I was five years old.


My first interest in art was drawing a cartoon character and robot figurines, in fact I was making money from it by selling my drawing to my friends. Making money was my habit, and when I was in highschool, I have send cartoon work to several local newspapers and magazines.

I also quite active participating in some local and international cartoon exhibition. My first cartoon group exhibition was in our minister of youth and sports building in 1989. Internationally, I have several cartoon exhibition in Japan, held by The Yomiuri Shimbun, Belgium, France, Macedonia and Germany.

My other interest, designing jewelry, has brought me as one of the finalists in an exhibition held by local women’s magazine FEMINA in 1992.

In graphic design, my first serious job was as Junior Art Designer at Golden Truly Superstore, starting from 1990-1991, before taking responsibilities as the Interior Decoration supervisor for Happy Times restaurant in 1991-1992. During this period, I was attending a graphic design course.


Starting from 1992-2005, I was joining an advertisement and graphic design firm and have my one year course in Interior Design [1992-1993]. For this company, I have been doing numerous designs for some of world known companies such as CAREFOUR, LG Electronics, and HITACHI.

Starting from August 2005 until now, I was decided to leave my position as Senior Art Director and being a freelancer. My first client as freelancer was Glaxo, Smith & Kline. I also doing web developments and have been working for some International clients.


SHEARYADI.COM was born during my spare time as freelancer in November 2007, with contents of almost everything that interested me, before I decided to make this website to only focus on design, interior, architecture and photography.

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