Emelie grew up in a very small village in south east of Sweden. Have been creative for as long as she can remember, she growing up spend most of her time drawing and sewing.


At first she wants to apply to the Art Program for upper secondary school, but after a short while she realized that the other students were so much better than her at drawing, so she started to compare herself to them and soon figured out that she would never necessarily be as good.

So instead of trying to match others’ skills, she decided to step away and do her own thing. She remember how her teachers used to get a little angry because she was drawing with markers instead of sketching with leads.


Thankfully she discovered a computer with Photoshop soon and immediately fell in love! She later signed up to all Graphic Design classes, Video Editing and Photography courses that the school offered. After graduation it was clear to her that this is was what she wanted to do.

Do you consider yourself as a professional?

My first instinct is to say no. But after thinking about it properly I’m not sure that this is right. Working as an Intern at ATTIK has made me feel and act professional, especially since I have been assigned important tasks from day one.

Running my own company for a couple of years is another example of me being a professional. So maybe I am one. But more than anything I see myself as a Designer, with a constant vision to develop further and continue to do what I love.


Do you have one or two famous designers that influence you and your style of work?

Of course there are designers I admire. I love David Rondel Cambo’s work, but he’s got a very different style to mine. I try not to get too influenced by other designers, because I could end up comparing my work to theirs, and doing nothing new.

I believe that the key to being a great designer is to pave your own way and find your own style. My designs are my way to express my feelings at that particular moment, which would never work if I just copied other people’s approach. It’s a bit like making music I think.

Where are you studying right now or a history of your art/design education if any?

As i mentioned earlier I took the Art program at upper secondary school. After that I took a couple of short media courses available at the University of Kalmar (Sweden).

In the fall of 2007 I attended the Digital Media course at Hyper Island (Sweden). Right now, I am working as an Interactive Design Intern at ATTIK, San Francisco, as part of my education at Hyper Island.


Do you ever have any exhibition, personally or in group and have any awards being presented for your work?

I held a small Photography exhibition once, and I hope to do many more in the future.


Do you have any personal favorite of your past/current art that you consider as the masterpiece of you or being so special?

Since I am never truly satisfied with anything I do it’s hard to say, but If I had to choose one I would pick my “The News of Today” piece. It’s definitely not a masterpiece, but I really like the light and the feel in it.


But the main reason I like it is that I have a very clear memory of where I was (mentally and physically) when I came up with the idea for it. That’s important to me. I can’t really create anything if I don’t have these feelings inside me, which I need to get out of my system.

Therefore all my works mean something to me, as each of them have their own special story. If I don’t feel something when I’m creating them they usually end up in some forgotten folder on my Mac.

Visit Emelie’s website for more of her works or to contact her.

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