Through the Gallery Nilufar and Gabrielle Ammann Gallery, Nucleo will exhibits their latest collection in the Pavilion of Art & Design (PAD) London, one of the “world’s top contemporary art & design fairs”.

Nucleo at PAD London 2011

In the booth of Gallery Nilufar, Nucleo will exhibit Presenze a collection which is a testimony of past lives, the evolution of absolute objects. Gabrielle Ammann Gallery will show Carboniferous and Black Resin Fossil Coffee Tables.


With the Presenze collection, designed by P. Robino and A. C. Occleppo, Nucleo has created decorative etherneal objects floating through space. A game of presence and absence, of lightness and weight, challenging the law of gravity.

Nucleo Presenze Chairs

The balance is made even more precarious by the milkiness of the resin, permeable to light. It’s a fascination for the transition, from liquid to solid, from past to presence.

Nucleo Presenze Desk

And the lack of assemblage is one of the strong characteristics of Presenze. Each cube, a fragment, giving a sense to the deconstruction. The objects from other eras are in this sense apparitions ready to dissolve and split, in the struggle between materia and spirit.

Nucleo Presenze Consolle


Designed by Piergiorgio Robino and Stefania Fersini, is a table that was born as a tribute for the celebration of Italy 150 years. Its shape cuts through space, definite and strong, and its many layer of black surfaces together create a crystallization of a quick movement.

Nucleo Carboniferous

The honeycomb cardboard, covered with fiber glass and resin is finished of with layers of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber composes and traces the design. As the earth below, coal is extracted into a new form, the result of sediment build-up of plants. The secrecy and conspiracy of the Carbonari, born from underground and from the depth of their hiding places, emerges a few decades later into the tricolore (the three colours of the Italian flag).

Nucleo Carboniferous

Coal, a dense network of plants remains, and Italy, a mix of cultures and different latitudes. Italian amalgam of different origins, Italian particle edges, the Italian multiform, the Italian tangle of angles, Italian blunt, concave and convex, the Italian Alpine wedges and the Italian coal. Sediment of a combustion that is melted and transfigured particles.

Nucleo Carboniferous

It matures in anthracite, increasing its power fuel, or its crystallized graphite, pure carbon with no calorific value, in any sense, Italy is “carbonara”.

The Black Resin Fossil Coffee Tables

Designed by Piergiorgio Robino and Stefania Fersini and was part of the Resinite collection. The collection plays on the presumption to design the objects from the future and create fossils of these items.

Nucleo Black Resin Coffe Table

In the same way as we find imprints of the original items in trace fossils, we have created an imprint from the future. The birth of the new remains leads to the destruction of the original body, and left is the shell, a trace of what was there but in its self a new form.

Nucleo Black Resin Coffe Table


Nucleo is a collective of artists directed by Piergiorgio Robino, created 1997 in Turin, Italy. It’s an interdisciplinary team active in the field of contemporary art, design and architecture.

The essence of the work is to find a connection between art and design. The work of Nucleo is exhibited throughout the world, from MoMA in New York, the Beaubourg in Paris to the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. The research of Nucleo is synonymous with innovation, insight, continually inspired by the contemporary reality and freely, sometimes with irony.

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