In her new solo show “Perfectly Flawed,” Stockholm artist Stina Persson abandons her digital safety net to create unaltered works that are beautifully imperfect – or imperfectly beautiful – as a response to the increasingly flawless images with which we surround ourselves.

Over the course of 10+ years working as a commercial illustrator, Stina has found herself conforming to trends of narrowing hips and ever-smoother skin by digitally altering her original watercolors, often without prompting from a client: edges have gradually become cleaner, features more defined, and the painterly more photographic.

Fully conscious of going down this “slippery slope of adjusting, fixing, and retouching,” Stina is ready to see the handmade, crooked, and flawed gain appeal, an aesthetic inspired by the 1970s, when social and environmental issues didn’t take a back seat to Botox in the public consciousness.

For her newest work, the artist asked herself what would happen if she didn’t scan, didn’t retouch, and didn’t work digitally at all. The result of that question is a series of more than 30 new works on paper, watercolor pieces of women with running paint, unconventional color choices, and skewed perspective – imperfections that are natural, unsettling, and beautiful.

About Stina Persson

Stockholm-based artist Stina Persson has introduced a new vibe to the world of fashion illustration – one that combines the glamorous with the raw, and traditional media with digital techniques.

In over ten years working as a commercial illustrator, her client list has grown to include Bloomingdale’s, Sony Music, Absolut Vodka, Target, and many others.

Stina is most widely recognized for her lush, shimmering watercolors that seem to transcend fashion to exist in a timeless dimension of their own, and she has received praise from the art world for her ink and paper collages that emanate a street sensibility.

Stina studied fine art in Perugia and fashion drawing in Florence, and she also has a degree in illustration from Pratt Institute in New York. She was awarded the Society of Illustrator’s Student Scholarship in 1996 and in 1997, and she has exhibited her work in New York and Tokyo.

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