Without trying to make this lad as very special one I do feel like have been interviewing an old friend, Nic aka shugmonkey, accepted my proposal to interview him and he even create a new drawing special for this site.


A nice person who are really honest to himself and to others. When he gets my question to describe himself, Nic never thought it’s the right thing to explain the good points out of him. He knows many people make an art out of bigging themselves up, especially in the creative world.

image“There are people who say some nice things about me and I really appreciate that but I’m only human and I have my faults. I’m stubborn, selfish and obsessive with things. My attention span at times can be dreadful, I can be over sensitive and I daydream far too much.” Nic said.

A to-the-point artist who works with how he feels and can be at times driving people mad because in one second he’s into something, but because he is very impatient, he also can go off the idea quickly.

“Sometimes I will wake up and have the urge to do music while actually have an illustration to do for someone. My creative drive tunes into the music and I leave the illustration for another time. Some people do not understand that way of thinking at times. This is the reason I sometimes turn down commissions.”


As an artist, Nic like all sorts of things when it comes to art. He said to get influences from Baroque, Art Nouveau and the Orientalist painters. He also often likes to browse fashion design and photography magazines when in a shop.

Nic likes people, patterns and detail, as is reflected in his illustrations and as for other individual artists he likes the work from Egon Schiele, Aubrey Beardsley, Modigliani, William Bouguereau, Gustav Klimt, Alphonse Mucha, Otto Dix and omic artists like Jacques Tardi, Winsor McCay and Guy Davis.


“For music, I like many bands, producers and genres. I love hearing all sorts of things and draw ideas from them. World music is always a pleasure to investigate. I could put an endless list of music people as influences but I don’t think there is enough space.”

Besides doing illustration Nic also good in creating music. When I asked if he had to choose one between being a musician or a designer/illustrator, He said all of them feed a certain creative side.


“But if I had to choose, it would be as illustrator. It’s something I do without too much effort. That’s for myself though. Commissions at times, can try a man’s patience, lol.”

Shug doesn’t have any tattoos just like he doesn’t have any favourite piece of art work that he creates.

“You see what I like today, in two years time I’ll probably loathe. I never had any tattoos for that reason either.”


In the world of creative art, there are quite a few other artists/musicians who use “monkey” as part of their creative name, but Nic has specific reason why he chosen Shugmonkey as his creative name.

“I took shugmonkey from an East Anglian legend, the Shug Monkey. There is a twist to this though. The person who first told me about it teased me. His version had an escaped monkey going around on a unicycle.” Nic said.


“He was an angry monkey that would cut peoples throats with a razor blade. I couldn’t stop laughing because of the way he described it. I said OK I’ll use shugmonkey. The legend is very different and it’s been described as a number of things. Half dog, half monkey and is often put in the same category as another famous East Anglian legend, The Black Shuck.”

And the best part is, when I ask him if he has the chance to start it all over again and where he would like to be born and would he still preferred to be an artist, the answer is very interesting one and beyond my guess.


“There are a number of periods I find interesting but if I had to choose then it would be in the 18th Century. I probably wouldn’t want to be an artist then. My time would be taken up with many other things. I wouldn’t mind being in Constantinople at its peak of power and influence if I had a second choice.”

Totally unique and a bit surprising to me is to know that Nic doesn’t like sports much. When not working with pencil, papers or doing music, he likes to read/learn history and the unexplained stuff. EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) recordings are the other thing that interested him.

And my last question for Nic is if possible can he create a quick simple sketch/doodle specially done for www.shearyadi.com and he did it! The art below is the one that he created especially for this site, I love it! Thank you Nic for the art and the interview.


If you like to see more shugmonkey’s art work, check out his official site at shugmonkey.com or listen to his music on MySpace site.

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